Off-duty officers hit by vehicle near Reliant Park

HOUSTON Investigators say the Precinct 1 deputy constable and a Freeport police officer were directing traffic last night when they were both hit on Kirby.

The Freeport officer was trying to stop traffic when he turned his back on a man who hit the officer with his side mirror. He told the driver to stop, but that driver kept going.

Then just up the road, a Precinct 1 deputy was hit, also while trying to stop the driver.

"I guess tried to reach in to grab something, and he got knocked down," said witness Donald Aiken. "He was gone. Just like that. It was quick. I was minding my own business, walking along, when a real life cops episode unfolded before me, you know."

The deputy was taken to the hospital with shoulder pain, but should be OK. Police are now looking for a silver Infiniti SUV.

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