Student pulls toy gun on bus driver

HOUSTON According to Fort Bend ISD spokesperson Mary Ann Simpson, at approximately 7:50am a 14-year-old female student walked up to the driver's side window of FBISD school bus #141 which was momentarily parked in a Kroger parking lot close to Independence Blvd. and Quail Place Drive before beginning its route. No students were on the bus.

The student pointed what appeared to be a real gun at the driver. It was later found to be a toy gun. The student then walked around to the door of the bus with a male student and they, along with another female student, attempted to board the bus. The bus driver would not let them on the bus, and immediately called transportation dispatch who then connected the bus driver with Fort Bend ISD police.

Meanwhile, a parent of one of the students drove up and picked up the students to take them to school. The parent later stated that she had no idea what had happened and that she had picked up the students to take them to school since they were not allowed on the bus. The bus driver gave police the license plate number of the vehicle as the parent drove off with the students.

FBISD Police soon located the vehicle with the students. After searching the vehicle, officers found a toy gun that belonged to the female student the driver had identified as pointing the gun at him. The student was transported to Fort Bend Juvenile Detention and has been charged with a assault, a class A misdemeanor, per the Fort Bend D.A. Office.

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