Woman pleads guilty to stealing teacher's ID

MISSOURI CITY, TX Stacey Lavett Davis, 42, was convicted of Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information on March 8. According to the Fort Bend County District Attorney, Davis had obtained and used her victim's name and Social Security number to apply for credit at a Houston area apartment complex in October 2007. The defendant also obtained other critical information on the victim, including her driver's license number and date of birth.

The possession or use of such critical information of another without their consent is a state jail felony. More commonly known as "identity theft", the range of punishment is from 180 days to 2 years in a state jail facility without parole.

Testifying before the court, the victim explained how the crime might have gone undetected but for the fact that she was constantly monitoring her credit scores. When she called the credit bureaus about her credit rating, no one wanted to help her and treated her as a suspect. After enduring repeated hang-ups and dead-ends, she took the case to Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office where an investigation led to the arrest of Davis.

The victim also told Judge Elliott that it took months before anyone would believe that she wasn't the lady stealing her identity.

Prosecutor John Hawkins asked the court for the maximum sentence based on the victim's ordeal and the defendant's history of deceptive and manipulative behavior.

"I am very pleased with Judge Elliott's sentence and the investigation of the Sheriff's Department," said Hawkins. "It took a lot of courage for this victim to come to court and face the person who had caused all of this grief and fear in her life, but she did it."

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