Teacher backs SUV into preschool classroom

FRANKLIN, MI The teacher was trying to park her Jeep outside Huda School & Montessori, a private Islamic school, and hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, Village of Franklin Police Chief Patrick Browne said.

Browne said six of the 17 preschool students were injured, primarily with cuts and bruises. Four went to a hospital and three were released Tuesday afternoon. The fourth, a boy, was expected to be released by the end of the day.

Principal Azra Ali said the students were eating a snack at the time of the crash, and another teacher was in the room at the school, located about 15 miles northwest of Detroit. Bookcases and shelves along the window likely helped prevent serious injuries.

Neither police nor school officials would identify the teacher. Ali said the teacher was emotionally distraught and went home after the crash. She would not speak to the media, Ali said.

"Our parents have been extremely supportive," Ali said. "We're all blessed that there were no fatalities ... or major injuries."

She said the students received immediate medical attention by a parent who is a doctor and staff members trained in first-aid.

The school canceled preschool classes Tuesday and Wednesday and would be offering counseling services this week.

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