Two deputies shot in Liberty County

LIBERTY COUNTY, TX A DPS trooper said there were no police calls to the home before, but that abruptly ended this morning.

It all began around 6am as the two deputies were responding to a call at a home in the Woodland Hills subdivision on County Road 6474 in Dayton. That's when a man, identified as Rickey Juneau and who lived on the property, opened fire on them, striking both.

"When the deputies arrived, they started taking on gunfire," said Officer Hugh Bishop with the Liberty Police Department. "Two of them were hit. From what we understand, both of them were hit in the head and upper body area. Both were alert and conscious when they were taken to the hospital."

By mid-morning, the standoff ended with a single gunshot that investigators say appeared to have been self-inflicted. Juneau was found dead in the yard, a shotgun and .22 rifle by his side.

Even though both deputies were hit, they were able to return fire. They were later rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital with gunshot wounds.

During the search for the suspect, Liberty County sheriff's deputies called for Baytown's SWAT team and told neighbors to stay inside.

"I just heard a bunch of gunshots, like 'bang, bang, bang'; like three rounds in a row, you know, like a revolver goes 'bang, bang, bang' and they put it in three times in a row," said neighbor Carol Potts. "Next thing, we looked out the window and there were a bunch of cop cars out here. I called the sheriff's office they said lock in place."

"This is more attention than we've got since Hurricane Ike," said neighbor Wayne Potts.

The injured deputies were 40-year-old Rex Evans and 33-year-old Jeremy Marcantel. Deputy Evans was struck in the hand with shotgun pellets and later released from the hospital in a wheelchair around 10am. Deputy Marcantel was struck in several places by pellets and is being held at the hospital for observation.

Juneau's niece says he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was not on medication.

"He said people were tapping his phones and bugging his house. He was way past his limit and I think that it just reached the end," said niece Samantha Jeane.

There were two people who may have been in the home at the time of the shooting, and they are being interviewed by Liberty County investigators.

DPS and Texas Rangers remain on location, continuing to investigate the scene.

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