Houstonians build homes for Haiti quake victims

HOUSTON Nail by nail, CORE Alliance volunteers were putting together 1,000 simple homes.

"We've had about 80 volunteers here this morning building homes for Haiti," said CORE Alliance Director Mike Malkemes.

January's quake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale killing an estimated 230,000 people, according to the Haitian government and destroying almost half of the homes in Port Au Prince. Many survivors are now in makeshift tent cities and in need of better shelter as the rainy season approaches.

Here in Houston, dozens of people many who whom signed up to help through their churches spend their Saturday morning assembling small wooden homes for those survivors.

"Well, there's an obvious need in Haiti and service is a part of church and it's a great opportunity to come out this morning," said one volunteer.

They're spare and small, just 8 feet by 12 feet but can shelter 12 sleeping people from torrential rains and the faster they're built, the better.

"We're building ten homes an hour for Haiti. They are modular homes. We're stacking them up, shipping them over by boat and in about 5 or 6 six weeks we'll go over them with them and set them up in Haiti," said Malkemes.

If you want to help CORE Alliance build homes for the Haitians, check out their website.

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