Three firefighters injured during training exercise

HOUSTON The firefighters were working on a ladder truck off Bellaire and the Southwest Freeway and ran into a problem with power lines. According to the fire department, a more experienced firefighter was showing a younger firefighter some equipment, but one of the ladders got a little too close to the power lines and that sent a shock waves to three firefighters.

They suffered some minor injuries and were transported to a local hospital. Fortunately, they're all expected to be OK. It certainly is a lesson to be more careful.

"Our guys do this every morning at this station. We are not sure how it got into the wires this time," said Houston Fire Department Assistant Chief Jack Williams. "They usually raise it up and rotate it around and do what they need to do away from the wires. We don't know how it got into the wires at this time, but we will look at it and we'll look at the safety aspect again, which we always do."

One of the tires of the fire struck was blown off and hit a nearby vehicle. It's not clear if there was damage to the fire truck.

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