Windows shot by vandals in Galv. Co.

LEAGUE CITY, TX Workers today replaced a big window someone shot out at the Baubles and Beads shop in League City. Police believe whomever used a slingshot and ball bearing to break that window also shot out dozens more windows in cars, trucks and SUVs around Galveston County between Tuesday and Thursday.

"It's bad," said crime victim Diana Espinoza. "In the morning I see my windows broken."

Sgt. John Jordan with the League City Police Department said, "Basically it was the people calling in, waking up in the morning, going to work realizing the back windows of their vehicles had been shot out while parked in their driveway."

Sgt. Jordan said they had 32 reported broken vehicle windows, mostly SUVs and pickups which have large rear windows, but also a few small cars.

"There was one report of a home window that we believe is related to most of these episodes," said Sgt. Jordan.

In all, League City saw 34 incidents. Moving south, Dickinson police reported eight cases while La Marque police are looking into 12 incidents. Police believe they are all connected because police recovered similar ball bearings in all three cities. The amount of damage ranges from $1,200 to $1,400 for the bead shop window to up to $800 for each vehicle window. The high dollar total amount could mean serious charges for the vandal.

"If they are thinking it is a prank they are sorely mistaken," said Sgt. Jordan. "The amount of this crime can all be added together because it's all in the same criminal episode. So, yes, they could be looking at felony charges."

If you know anything about the vandalism, you can call La Marque Crime Stoppers at 409-938-TIPS. There is a reward.

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