HISD to eliminate nearly 270 jobs

HOUSTON At Mark Twain Elementary, Beverly Rhodes is happy with the education her children are receiving.

"I'd hate to see too many changes," she said.

But new HISD Superintendent Terry Grier has some big changes planned, Grier announced the elimination of 269 positions -- 70 in the central office alone. The jobs are mostly administrative, and those affected can apply for other openings in the district. But Grier minces no words on why he thinks the changes are necessary.

"We'll work with people on their resumes. We'll help them with interview skills, but at the same time we cannot continue to spend money in that way," he said. "We have to be more effective. We have to be better managers of taxpayer dollars."

The changes could save the district as much as $8 million. In addition, the five regional superintendent offices are being closed. Two of those locations could reopen once again as schools.

Some parents welcome the changes.

"I'm glad they're looking at ways to improve and looking at redundancy," said parent Monica Blanco. "I find great value in getting rid of that."

But others, like Rhodes, just hope it won't affect her children's education.

"I don't think position cuts are a good idea, because I think those people have a definite role they fulfill," she said.

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