Police: Teen shot by hit-and-run driver

HOUSTON It started around 8:30pm as Alexis Waley, 13, and her mother were leaving a high school basketball game in a Nissan Altima. Police say they were at a stop sign on Westhampton at White Heather when they were struck by the driver of a Cadillac.

Police say that driver, identified as Richard Calderon, 24, drove off, and as he did, Waley's mother followed him to get a description and license plate number.

They were able to get that information, but police believe somewhere along Buffalo Speedway, the situation took a violent turn. Authorities say Calderon opened fire on the teen and her mother, striking Alexis in the back of the head. She was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where her grandfather told us she passed away Thursday afternoon.

"I heard a pop and then I didn't think nothing about until the neighbors were upset, really upset," said witness Tom Johnson. "The fire department came and then pulled over there on Westhampton Street and they took the girl out the car."

Calderon was taken into custody a short time later and admitted to his involvement in the shooting. Police have since charged Calderon with murder.

Waley's mother was not injured in this incident.

Thursday was an extremely difficult and emotional day at Johnston Middle School. Waley was involved in so many different activities at school, was very popular and had a lot of friends. Everyone there is praying and thinking of her family.

At 13, Alexis Waley had a yearning to belong. She played volleyball, softball, and is a member of her middle school's orchestra. Relatives described Waley as outgoing and loving.

"She has a real sweet personality. She was real friendly to everybody," said her grandfather Charles Randle.

"They're emotional. It's a very emotional time for them and it was emotional for us to give that news," said Johnston Middle School Principal Dave Wheat.

As crisis counselors comfort grieving students, Waley's relatives are demanding justice.

"I would like to see that he gets what's coming to him and get all the punishment that's due to him," said Randle.

More than 100 students at the school spent time with grief counselors on Thursday.

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