Woman describes attempted carjacking

HOUSTON The intersection in west Houston is one particular woman drives every day and on Tuesday, she thought it would be her last.

"It was dead stop traffic. I don't know why someone would try to shoot somebody when there is a hundred people around," said the woman, whose identity we are protecting for safety reasons.

At 8am Tuesday during the morning rush hour, at the intersection of Westheimer and Kirkwood, the wife and mother says she nearly became Houston's newest homicide. It all began when she heard screaming coming from the car next to her at the red light.

"I looked over and the guy got out of the sunroof and got back down in his car and the female, she was in the passenger side, and I was driving next to her. She rolled her window down, looked at me and pointed it (the gun) at me just like this," she said.

Sitting in traffic with a pistol pointed at her face, the panicked mother shot through the red light. When it was safe, she pulled over and called police.

When we asked her what it was she thought the suspect was trying to do, she replied, "Either shoot me… I mean there's no other way, she was going to shoot me."

Though it all happened so fast, she was able to give this description to police: A red, older model Cadillac with a sunroof, chrome rims and tinted windows.

She says she only came forward because it's upsetting to know the suspects are still out there.

"I would never think that at eight o'clock in the morning, traffic was dead-stopped, that something like that would happen and they're still out there and that's the worst part," said the woman.

The victim in this case did file a police report and HPD told us a detective will be assigned to the case on Thursday. If you have any information, you're asked to call police.

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