Recount in race for District 146?

HOUSTON Al Edwards says he is preparing his request for a recount. Provisional ballots are still outstanding and if he won the early vote, he reasons he would win those provisional votes as well. He blames the too close for comfort outcome on low turnout in the district. Whatever the reason though, it is deja vu all over again.

On KCOH radio, it was call in topic number one.

''Even if he won by one vote, I think people wanted a change and they want a fighter who can change the form of the whole thing."

It wasn't one vote, but 11 that separate insurance agency owner Borris Miles from Al Edwards, who's represented the district for more than 30 years. Edwards had the benefit of seniority and committee assignments in the legislature, but four years ago he lost the primary to Miles. Two years ago he gained it back. But the uncanvassed results show he lost again by that razor-thin margin. That's stunning more than a few district voters.

The campaign was heated. Edwards brought up Miles' arrest during his one term in the house when he was charged with brandishing a pistol at a party. A grand jury no-billed him and a related lawsuit was dropped as well. Miles, though, grew up in Third Ward, is a business owner in the community and had money to campaign.

Miles said, "I want to say to Representative Edwards that I look forward to having you by my side to guide me through the pitfalls you may know at the state level."

Edwards was elusive on this day after the election. He was even a no-show at KCOH radio where he has a weekly program on Wednesdays.

KCOH Radio Host Michael Harris said, "He was here yesterday or was it the day before? He was here then and maybe he just felt he was tired."

If there is to be a recount, Edwards would have to request it. Edwards says he has already spoken with the secretary of state's office and has been advised to prepare the recount request. Technically a recount cannot be considered until the votes are canvassed and the election results are certified. That's scheduled to happen next week.

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