Firefighters busy battling different fires

HOUSTON They managed to put out a garage fire quickly on Houston's south side just after midnight. When firefighters arrived at the home on Alconbury near Cullen, heavy smoke and fire was coming from a garage behind the house. They made a fast attack and put out the fire in 15 minutes. The house was vacant and arson is investigating the cause of the fire.

A family, trying to keep up warm, ended up with a big problem after a lit fireplace sparked a much larger fire in northwest Harris County. Firefighters battled the flames off Dempley near Park Borough around 10:45pm. The homeowners told investigators that they put the fire out before they went to bed but somehow, the wall connected to the fireplace caught on fire. The flames touched the attic, but firefighters were able to put the fire out before it did any more damage. No one was injured.

Arson teams are also looking into a fire at a vacant house in southeast Houston. Firefighters were sent to a home on Park at Elm just after 2am. When they arrived, flames and smoke were pouring from the two story house. It took firefighters almost an hour to put out the fire. They were not able to enter the home at first because of the high flames.

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