O'Quinn's companion speaks on crash

HOUSTON Allen Parkway was a road frequently traveled by /*John O'Quinn*/ and his long-time companion drives it just about every day, too.

They may not have the same last name, but high-profile attorney John O'Quinn called Darla Lexington his wife. The hurt is still fresh for her. She is heartbroken another family is feeling the same pain.

"He made a lot of people happy," said Darla.

It's been four months since O'Quinn died in a horrific crash. Still Darla mourns every day.

"It's sad. It's lonely. I miss him," said Darla.

We talked to her in the River Oaks house she shared with O'Quinn, her companion of 12 years.

"John was a very giving man," Darla said.

She is proud of his philanthropy and work ethic.

"His motto was work works," she said.

But to her, he was much more

"He was my soul mate is the best way I can describe it and I miss him every minute of every day," Darla said.

Images like Monday morning bring the initial hurt back quickly. Police say a driver lost control along Allen Parkway near downtown when the car crashed into a tree and the impact split it in half. The accident was just down the street from where O'Quinn and his assistant died in October.

"It was the worst moment in my life," said Darla.

The investigation showed O'Quinn was speeding. But Darla believes there's room for improvement. She hopes the city will make some changes to Allen Parkway by adding barriers in the median or more signage.

"Curves come up on you before you know and you're going straight and all of a sudden it winds around, so you do really have to be careful on that street," Darla said.

She is lonely in her big house, and doesn't anyone else to be lonely, too

"My prayers and my thoughts and my heart are with the family today," said Darla. "I feel every pain that they're feeling."

The city said Monday there are no plans to make changes along Allen Parkway. There have been 541 crashes since 2003, but thousands of cars drive this stretch every day.

To be clear, the driver in today's crash last we heard was still in critical condition.

There are still questions about the fate of John O'Quinn's multi-million dollar car collection as well as some other estate issues and Darla's attorney advised her not to talk about it.

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