Fireplace may be to blame for townhome fire

March 1, 2010 4:14:41 AM PST
An attempt to stay warm led to a fire in the Galleria area overnight, say investigators. Firefighters were called to a townhome on Briar Hollow and Post Oak after getting a report about smoke. Crews discovered flames in the wall surrounding a fireplace and were able to knock them down. F irefighters believe the fire in the fireplace, somehow spread out the flute and spread to the home.

"Don't know the exact way that it got out, probably embers seeping through the bottom and ignited the roof framing," said Chief Bob Schlieter with the Houston Fire Department. "It was extremely difficult to get to because of it being so high up and there was no easy access to it."

There was only one person inside at the time. A smoke detector woke him up. He made it out OK.