Dynamo stadium deal moves step closer

February 26, 2010 2:42:07 PM PST
The Houston Dynamo has been around for just about five years, but it didn't take long for the championship team to quickly outgrow Robertson Stadium where they play. Now it looks like they are finally getting a home of their own and it will be located on the city's east side, just outside Highway 59. Dynamo fans say they've waited long enough and it's time the politicians put their differences aside and get the stadium built.

"To have our own house is of the utmost importance. For the fans to come together and unite behind this, and for the east end residents to come together behind this, it's just incredible," said Dynamo fan Eric Nordstrom.

After 18 months of inaction, there is now some movement over the proposed site. Mayor Annise Parker met with Commissioner El Franco Lee last week. Soon after, a call was made to the Houston Sports Authority, asking if it would consider being the landlord for the joint county-city project. The chair of the authority says it will meet next week to discuss the idea.

Sports Authority Board Chair Kenny Friedman said, "We're going to look at whether there are legal issues involved here and financial issues and try to decide if this is what we want to do."

But the county judge is already worried that even discussions with the sports authority could yield problems.

"Rather than being an agreement, it's more of what role can the sports authority play? And frankly, that's going to be a very controversial discussion," explained Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.

The discussion hasn't even begun yet. So for now, fans say they want to focus on the positive that at least the county and city are finally talking. Maybe these empty weeded lots on the east end will finally become a stadium.

"It's been frustrating to see the site sit practically empty without any construction work on the site for close to a year and a half now," said Dynamo supporter Wyatt Magnum. "So we're excited to start seeing some progress and seeing construction and officially breaking ground."

The Harris County Sports Authority is set to meet Monday afternoon at 3pm. The Dynamo stadium deal is on the agenda. It will then be up to the county and the city to work out a deal. Then the County Commissioners, specifically El Franco Lee, will have to be in support of the plan. They will need to vote in favor. Only then can officials actually break ground.