Explosion in trailer injures 3 people

Three people are burned in Montgomery County overnight when a man blows up his mobile home trying to clean a paint sprayer.

February 23, 2010 7:01:41 AM PST
Three people are recovering from serious burns after a travel trailer exploded in Montgomery County overnight. It all happened around 1am at West Knox and the Eastex Freeway, which is near Porter. Investigators say a water heater sparked vapors from paint thinner a man had been using to clean his spray gun.

"Any kind of a flammable should not be inside your home. I realize it's cold outside -- this guy is a painter and he was trying to prepare his equipment," said Scott Burlin with the Montgomery County Fire Department.

The resulting explosion burned that man along with a young man and woman inside the trailer. The painter was hurt the worst, burning 60 percent of his body.