End of the road for potholes?

February 22, 2010 8:57:51 PM PST
We take a look at some pesky potholes on Houston's streets. Residents say the potholes are destroying their vehicles. Those who use South Braeswood between Stella Link and Kirby say they, and their vehicles, are tired of the rough ride. Our viewers asked us to get some answers and there is good news.

It's easy to know when you're on South Braeswood. Not from the street sign, but from the bumps.

"And not little bumps. Great, big bumps," said driver Jennifer Long.

They're not hard to find. The stretch between Stella Link and Kirby is a patchwork of concrete and asphalt, potholes and craters. Our ride was very bumpy at just 25 miles an hour.

Long stayed away after she had surgery.

"I would avoid that road because it was painful to drive on that road. It was horrible," said Long.

Residents say the road has been rough for longer than a decade. While it creates business for Braeswood Shell, the three brothers who own it would like to see an improvement.

"Hopefully one day they'll do something about it," said one of the station's owners.

In fact there are pleas all around.

"Please, come fix this Braeswood," said driver Meghan Winston.

City Council Member Anne Clutterbuck has heard the complaints and now has good news. The $7.8 million capital improvement project is finally slated for this year with construction set to begin in June.

"They're right, it's absolutely horrible. Sadly the system we have is the best that we've got for our existing tax structure and nobody's advocating an increase on that," said Clutterbuck.

Until then, brace yourself. There is a smoother road ahead.

Clutterbuck said she has worked hard to keep the project on track. There will be a complete reconstruction of South Braeswood which means new curbs, gutters, drainage and concrete. The project will be funded by the metro sales tax.