Passenger search causes security slowdown at Hobby

February 21, 2010 9:21:30 PM PST
A search for a passenger at Hobby Airport created a security slowdown and delayed travelers on Sunday evening A spokesperson at Hobby told us agents with the Transportation Security Administration shut things down for the search around 8pm. They were looking for a particular passenger. Arriving passengers weren't able to leave and departing passengers weren't able to go through security.

TSA said in a statement that a security officer "observed a suspicious item during an X- ray screening in a passenger's carry-on bag. The passenger took the bag into the terminal before additional screening was performed. To ensure the safety of the traveling public, all passengers in Central Terminal were re-screened with negative findings."

Travelers we talked to said they were stuck on the tarmac for awhile.

"We were out there for just about 25 minutes, waiting," said one traveler.

The delay lasted for about an hour and the terminal was reopened around 9:15pm.