Homeowner kills suspect in home invasion

February 19, 2010 2:40:20 PM PST
An attempted home invasion in a neighborhood in northwest Harris County turned into a shootout between the homeowner and the suspects. One of the suspects even ran to another home for help. It all unfolded at a home on Coveney and York Creek around 11am. Looking back on it now, neighbors say it seems the suspects had been casing the neighborhood, knocking on doors, looking for the best opportunity for a successful burglary. Maybe the suspects didn't pick the best house.

When deputies made their way down the otherwise quiet cul-de-sac on Spring City Court, they found one suspect dead outside the homeowner's residence. Another suspect was discovered around the corner, lying in the grass outside a home where he'd apparently sought help after being shot.

"I thought he was crazy, just banging on the door .and screaming and stuff," recalled eyewitness Pamela Grant. "He screamed through the door and told me he had gotten shot and to call his mother."

He knocked on the door but Grant, who cares for an elderly woman who lives there, refused to open it.

She said, "I told him to get away from the door, go ahead, get away, but he wouldn't leave."

Moments earlier neighbors heard gunfire.

Eyewitness Courtney Brooks said, "Yeah, it was like pow, pow, pow, pow, like that."

That came from around the corner, investigators say, at the home where the dead suspect's body was found. They tell us two men had knocked on the door and that when no one answered, they kicked it in. The homeowner was home and was armed.

Sgt. Craig Clopton with the Harris County Sheriff's Office said, ""There was an exchange of gunfire. The homeowner was struck. The two suspects were struck."

It's unclear how badly the homeowner and the second suspect were wounded. Northwest Houston Hospital will not release information on either the homeowner or the second suspect. That surviving suspect we are told is a juvenile.