Texas City police searching for a killer

February 18, 2010 3:20:00 PM PST
A police academy student in Texas City was found dead in her own home earlier this month. One thing police know is that there were no signs of forced entry, so who could've killed her? Teresa Wright, 33, was enrolled in the police academy at College of the Mainland in Texas City and was set to graduate in May. Wright's instructor and her fellow students were understandably too upset to talk to us on camera. Meantime, police tell us they are narrowing the focus of their investigation and are calling Wright's boyfriend a person of interest.

Texas City police say whoever killed Wright strangled her while her three children were asleep in their beds. It wasn't until 11am the next morning when Wright's 15-year-old daughter discovered her mother's body in the foyer. Startled neighbors had no idea what had happened.

"When I first came out, I saw a fire truck and an ambulance down there," said neighbor Leonard Brown. "I didn't pay much attention to it. I thought maybe somebody was sick."

Investigators who collected evidence from the home are now questioning Wright's family and friends in hope of learning more about her. The one person they haven't been able to talk to is Wright's boyfriend. They say he's nowhere to be found.

"Do you find that odd?" we asked Sgt. Joe Stanton with the Texas City Police Department.

"I do find that odd," he said.


"We need to speak with him. We would like to talk to him. It would help us with the timeline," he said.

Police say the last time anyone saw Wright was Saturday night. She'd gone to Mardi Gras with a group of friends.

Wright, a single mother of three, was training to be a police officer and recently enrolled in the academy here at College of the Mainland. Neighbors say while they didn't know Wright and her family all that well...

"When something like that happens in the neighborhood, it's really upsetting," said neighbor Roosevelt Henderson.

Police say they found no evidence of forced entry at Wright's home. They don't suspect robbery as a motive and found nothing missing from her home.