City to pay more for sub-par computer software

February 17, 2010 3:52:48 PM PST
It's a computer program that never fully worked properly, so why is the city pumping more money into it? That was the question at City Hall today as city council members voted to pay $405,000 to maintain the Court View Justice Program. The software, used at the municipal courts, has failed numerous times over the years, causing the court system to go off-line.

Although the city managed to recoup most of the $8.5 million it paid for the program, it is stuck having to pay maintenance costs until a new system comes online in late 2012.

"This is like the gum clinging to the bottom of your shoe that never seems to go away," said Mayor Annise Parker. "Everybody at this table inherited this problem and it's a poor solution but it is apparently the only solution we have."

The maker of the software was eventually acquired by a new company, which is now in charge of maintaining the program. Council Member Jolanda Jones voted against the ordinance, saying she could not see the need to pay this company, when its predecessor didn't do its job.