Two killed in multiple-vehicle accident

PEARLAND, TX Pearland police say seven vehicles were involved in that tragic accident just before 7am on Highway 35 near Dixie Farm Road, just south of Pearland High School.

Witnesses told police a Chevy truck was heading south and drifted into oncoming traffic. It essentially bounced off a couple of vehicles and eventually hit a vehicle head-on. The impact was so hard that they both ended up in a ditch and caught fire. The initial driver that had drifted into oncoming traffic was killed.

A number of other vehicles began swerving to miss the crash, and another deadly wreck happened when a red Ford Explorer heading north T-boned a southbound vehicle. The driver of the Explorer was killed.

Two major intersections have been closed for the majority of the morning rush hour as the investigation continues as to what caused the accident.

"I talked to one of the witnesses and he is telling me that he was two vehicles back and he saw the vehicle just drift over. There was no jerking of the wheel. He just drifted over," said Onesimo Lopez with the Pearland Police Department.

Five other drivers suffered minor injuries. One of them was taken to the hospital. Authorities say in the Chevy was a male driver and in the Explorer was a female driver. Police are notifying the next of kin before releasing the names of those killed in the wreck.

We're told a witness, who along with his two sons, stopped and pulled one person who was involved in the accident out of a burning vehicle.

Highway 35 is expected to be closed off in both directions from County Road 128 to Dixie Farm Road for a little while longer. All traffic traveling north from Alvin is being redirected to Hastings. All traffic traveling south from Pearland is being redirected to Bailey.

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