Hitchcock board member under fire keeps job

February 17, 2010 7:08:44 AM PST
A Hitchcock ISD board member will keep her job after giving an unexpected speech to middle school girls about sex last month. But while she gets to keep her job, she's no longer allowed to talk to students without permission from other board members first.

The school board meeting in the Galveston County town lasted until 2am, with a long string of speakers voicing their opinions to the board and to the board member in question.

The discussion surrounded Dr. Shirley Price. She's been admonished by the board for a speech she gave to middle schoolers in January. Dr. Price was invited to give a motivational speech to girls at Crosby Middle School, but instead, the board member asked the principal to leave and gave a talk which included explicit details of sex acts.

Parents and residents gave their opinions on what happened at yesterday's board meeting.

"I feel like it's our right and responsibility to speak to her and teach her the way we want to teach her, just like every other parent has their right,' said parent Frank Lopez. "I just feel like that day, it was single-handedly, kind of taken that right away in a sense, is the way I feel."

"Dr. Price, if I had a daughter, I would like her to teach my daughter the facts of life," said Price supporter Henry Coger. "I have a lot of respect for that lady and I asked her today not to resign and we are going to defend her."

As part of the board's action, Dr. Price is barred from speaking to Hitchcock students unless she has written consent and this, according to the superintendent, even includes casual conversation.

Six parents have filed formal complaints with the district. The Hitchcock school district is holding a general election this May for trustee positions 1 and 2. Price represents District 2 and she is running for re-election to the board.