How do boxed roses rate on Valentine's Day?

February 12, 2010 3:57:10 PM PST
The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner and, guys, if you don't get this right your whole year will be ruined. One big part is the flowers and with the age of the Internet, getting flowers has never been easier. But is it OK to send flowers in a box? I am going to defer to the experts on this one, the women in offices around the city whose opinion is really the only one that matters.

When it comes to flowers there are two basic ways of getting them to your sweetheart -- from a florist delivered already set up in an vase, or a box from a delivery company that requires some assembly. While guys may know the floral options, like most things that really matter to women, we have absolutely no clue if "how" the flowers are delivered matters. So please, help us out...

Isabel Medina said, "I got my flowers, my teddy bear and balloons for Valentines."

Isabel's boyfriend really knows how to send a Valentines message, and this did not come in a box.

She said, "I like either or, but this was easier for me."

Easy. That's the way to go. Rashika Forbes got quite a Valentine's Day haul.

She said, "I got a bear today. I got a dozen roses and a vase. I got chocolates and I also got the bubble bath set."

No way that came in a box!

"It all came in a box, yes, sir," Rashika said. "I did not (mind putting it together). I got a lot of help from my team members."

So boxed roses? Right?

"I like them in a vase," said Barbara Wren.

"In a vase," said Jeanette DeLeon. "It looks nice, looks nicer and if it is in a box it makes me feel like I am going to a funeral."

"I think definitely in a vase. Definitely in a vase," said Karri Kerr. "Never in a box, because I am not putting them together."

"Vase, it has eye appeal. It makes you feel special when you receive something so beautiful," said Denise Hicks. "Never (in a box.)" "Vase," said Gwendolyn Lowe. "Never (in a box) because you can't see them."

Vases, then, definitely vases.

Yovanda Porter said, "It doesn't matter, just as long as I get them and I don't necessarily have to get them."

Now there is some debate that how long you've been married plays a part in all this. The longer you've been married the less it matters about boxes or vases.