Babysitter charged with injuring baby boy

HOUSTON Technically the suspect was watching the child, but he also lives in the same home with the toddler he's accused of critically harming. It's a small house where, until Thursday evening, eight people lived, including six children from 22 years to 11 months. It was because of the youngest child that 911 was called last night.

"A child sustained some injuries, how is unknown," said J. Rios with the HPD Homicide Division. "The child got transported to the hospital and doctors performed surgery on the child. We spoke to some family members."

The little boy is said to be on life support at Texas Children's Hospital, suffering from brain injuries. Charged with serious bodily injury to a child is the live-in boyfriend of the victim's 22-year-old sister.

Jordan Thomas Harris, 22, was watching the baby and the child's two young brothers while his girlfriend and her mother were both at work. Police say Harris told them the child wouldn't stop crying. He is 6'2", weighing more than 300 pounds.

"Falling off the bed or falling off the couch alone is not enough to cause those types of injuries," said Estella Olguin with Childrens Protective Services. "But we often hear in these kind of cases that the reason they shook the baby or struck the baby is because they wouldn't stop crying."

CPS went to court and took custody of five of the six children in the home. That includes the 11-month-old boy. The care of those children has now been turned over to relatives.

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