Man accused of killing co-worker to support drug habit

February 11, 2010 9:05:49 PM PST
A man is in jail tonight charged with murdering the woman he leaned on during hard times. Crime Stoppers made a public plea to solve the case on Monday. Investigators revealed Thursday that dealing with a drug problem, the suspect preyed on his co-worker's kind heart to support a crack habit.

Marilyn Sue Gillespie, 58, and Robert David Golden, 39, knew each other for at least 12 years. Investigators say Golden recently went through a divorce and Gillespie loaned him money to help him out.

But on February 2, Golden showed up at her apartment on Cummings unannounced. Knowing he was going through tough times, she let him in. But when he asked to borrow more money, she declined. An argument ensued and Gillespie was stabbed several times.

To support his crack cocaine habit, detectives say he stole several things including her car and shopped them around town at pawn shops.

"It appears as though the motive for not getting the money that he wanted. He appears to be hooked on drugs," said Sgt. Will Gonzales of the Houston Police Department.

Golden was arrested while at work Wednesday and confessed the crime to detectives. He is now charged with capital murder.

Golden was already out on bond for cocaine possession.