Payton had all the right calls

February 7, 2010 7:06:46 PM PST
They're not supposed to give the Super Bowl MVP award to a coach. Maybe they can make an exception this one time for Sean Payton.

The New Orleans coach made all the right calls -- even one that didn't look so good at first, well, it turned out just fine. Thanks in large part to Payton's bravado, the Saints won the first Super Bowl title in their franchise's largely dismal history, beating that other Peyton -- you know, Manning -- and the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 Sunday night.

Payton will go down in Super Bowl lore for calling an onside kick at the start of the second half -- the first time it had been attempted in this game before the desperation of the fourth quarter. The Saints recovered and drove down for a touchdown that put them ahead for the first time, 13-10.