Woman rescued after driving into bayou

Rescue crews quickly rescued the driver and made sure there was no other person in the submerged vehicle.

February 4, 2010 7:00:31 AM PST
Firefighters rescued a woman who drove into a bayou in east Houston. Eyewitnesses say the woman was driving along Hunting Bayou near the East Freeway and Centerwood when she veered off the road and plunged in the water.

"She kept begging me to come and get he, please come and get her. 'Please, please. I can't hold on no longer.' I just kept telling her keep talking, keep talking and they got her out, and I saw her walk up here," said eyewitness Ray Watson.

Rather than go into the water to help the woman, Watson called 911. Firefighters arrived and rescued the woman who was clinging to a concrete pillar. Authorities say she's going to be OK.

Initially, she told investigators she was alone in the car. But because they fear she may have intoxicated, they checked to see if anyone else was in the submerged vehicle. They didn't find anyone else inside.