Man accused of peeping under bathroom stalls

LEAGUE CITY, TX Juan Gomez, 24, is in custody, arrested by League City police late Wednesday afternoon at his apartment in Dickinson. He's charged with disorderly conduct. Authorities say Gomez has been positively identified by a female victim who says a man looked under the bathroom stall at her while she was inside the woman's restroom at a TJ Maxx in League City near the Gulf Freeway.

"It's very scary," said shopper Jan Jaworski. "I've never really thought at looking inside the bathroom. I usually look around the store and in the parking lot, but I will from now on.'

Shoppers were surprised to hear about the peeping tom incident. Police suspect Gomez of doing the same thing at a nearby Wal-Mart in August of last year.

"I've never even thought about experiencing something like that," said shopper Deborah Harris. "It's very sad and unfortunate there are people like that."

The TJ Maxx incident happened just last month on January 23 . Police say a man resembling Gomez was caught on surveillance cameras inside the store. But it was while the man was inside the ladies restroom that authorities say his victim surprised him as much as he surprised her.

"She did the right thing," said League City police spokesperson Kristi Wyatt. "She started yelling and making noise and left the restroom immediately, which is what we advise all people to do and to keep on eye if people are following you in."

Police say Gomez admitted to doing the same thing at a Ross store next door to the TJ Maxx. Police are now concerned they may be more cases.

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