Sex talk at middle school upsets parents, students

HITCHCOCK, TX Parents are furious. They have a lot of questions and they want answers. In particular, one parent we talked to wants to know why the school board member who gave the sex talk allegedly told the students not to tell their parents.

Laura cries every time she talks about it.

"They violated our parental rights," she said. "And they violated our daughter's innocence by just talking about all this stuff. They have no right."

Laura doesn't want to give her full name in order to protect her daughter. But she says she is outraged at what she says happened at Crosby Middle School in Hitchcock on January 15. A motivational speech that was supposed to be about TAKS testing turned into an explicit talk about sex, using graphic and inappropriate descriptions.

Laura says her 10-year-old daughter was at that assembly and is emotionally devastated.

"She is very humiliated, actually using the word sex," Laura explained. "She will start crying. It's very, very disturbing to her, of the things that she has heard."

A woman who says she's the sister of Hitchcock ISD board member Shirley Price told our cameras Price wouldn't be making any comments. Price didn't want to talk to Eyewitness News, but admitted to school officials she talked about sex to the middle school female students.

In a letter sent home last Friday, school officials told parents the sex talk was not the agreed upon topic and they apologized for the "inappropriate topic."

Randy Dowdy with Student Support Services for Hitchcock ISD wasn't able to discuss whether the principal, who had been asked to leave by Price, acted according to school district guidelines.

"I'll let you take that up with the superintendent," Dowdy explained. "He'll be here Thursday."

When asked if the principal acted appropriately by leaving, Dowdy responded, "I'm not authorized to discuss that."

That answer is not good enough for Laura and her husband Paul, who don't understand why no teacher objected to the sex talk when it happened and why the principal left the assembly at Price's request.

Paul said, "Telling the principal to leave, that's sticking up a big red flag, going, 'Hey, something's fixing to happen.'"

The school district is not answering our questions as to what is to happen, if anything, to the principal who left that assembly, as well as the teachers, who did nothing about it.

There was a school board meeting last week. Price did apologize to the school board and to the public at that meeting. However, there is another school board meeting scheduled next month where this issue is to be taken up officially. Price, as a school board member, is not an employee of the district. Therefore, any reprimand, if there is any, would have to be at the behest of the school board itself.

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