Man fatally shot outside check cashing store

HOUSTON When the victim walked out of the front door of a Rosemary supermarket, two suspects were waiting for him. Police believe they knew he was about to cash his tax return check.

A shoe and bullet casings littered the parking lot where a man in his 20s was shot to death over his income tax check.

"Somebody was apparently watching him," said Detective Mohammad Khan of the Houston Police Department.

Investigators said it was no coincidence that the victim was robbed seconds after cashing his $4,000 tax return.

"They knew to come over here and tip the robber when he had his money cashed," said Det. Khan.

Despite surveillance video showing two suspects, one with a handgun, the other pilfering the victims pockets, they did not find the money.

Liem Nguyen owns a business in the same shopping center and said robberies are nothing rare. He himself has had a handgun pressed against his head.

"He had a gun right here and I said take the money and go. Don't do anything to anybody," said Nguyen.

Things were different this time around and now investigators are hoping the surveillance video leads to an arrest.

Police also have a description of the getaway vehicle. It's an older model, light brown or light gray four-door sedan. If you have any information about this case, please call police.

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