Mother, 3 kids seriously injured in house fire

January 17, 2010 4:37:55 PM PST
A woman and three children are now at hospitals after a fire at a home in southeast Houston. Flames broke out early Sunday morning at the home on Avenue l near 93rd Street. All three children were transported to Shriner's Hospital in Galveston. The mother was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. And now, the family is clinging to hope that they all pull out of this.

"Everything is gone. I just have them," said Ricardo Trevino, father of one of the fire victims.

Trevino shuffled through charred furniture and blistered walls. He's lived at the home for more than 34 years and Sunday morning, woke up to screams from his 32-year-old daughter, Stephanie.

"She was saying "Dad, my children, the house. Dad, help me! Dad!' Just screaming," he said.

The family says a space heater cord igniting the blaze. The fire trapped Ricardo's three grandchildren in the front room.

"I tried to come in here, but the heat wouldn't let me," he said. "It was so unbearable."

Ricardo and his daughter knocked out his bedroom window and climbed out. Stephanie's skin was melting as they crawled to the children's bedroom window to try to save them.

"The children were not screaming at all," he said.

Smoke had silenced their tiny voices. Firefighters plucked 10-year-old Rubin Isaac, 7-year-old Sonia and 6-year-old Brenda from the flames.

"They found one of them in front close to the door and the other two were still laying in the bed," said Victor's son, Ricardo Trevino, Jr.

While he showed Eyewitness News around, Victor received an unbearable phone call.

"Brenda, 90 percent of her body is burnt," he said. "My daughter, 57 percent."

As he struggles with his family's permanent scars, Ricardo just prays God doesn't take from him tthe only thing he has left.

"This is a material home. It's made out of wood. It can be replaced," he said. "But the lives of my children, my grandchildren can't."

Trevino says he has no homeowners insurance. He says he will live with his son. For now, they will have to just get by. They have a lot of surgeries to pay for and they say they don't even know how they will pay for parking when they leave the hospital.