Driver gets nine years for museum curator's death

January 13, 2010 2:57:36 PM PST
There was at least one packed courtroom today in downtown Houston. It was for the drunk driver who hit and killed a beloved Houston artist who learned his punishment. Dustin Poe has been sentenced to nine years behind bars. He previously pleaded guilty, but the emotional sentencing hearing lasted all day.

Friends and family of Art Car Museum curator Tom Jones hugged and cried over what took place. In May 2008 Jones and several other artists were sitting outside the museum in the early morning hours after an illuminated Art Car cruise had taken place. That's when Dustin Poe, driving drunk, plowed into a parked car, which then struck Jones. Jones eventually died from his injuries.

Video from the roadside sobriety test was shown in open court today. In the video, Poe showed no remorse, instead cursing at officers who were administering the test.

Poe did eventually plead guilty. A number of witnesses came forth and testified in court, but for the people who knew and loved Jones, they say nothing will bring him back and they remain devastated.

"I would like to see Dustin Poe show a just little bit of remorse," said Robert Scott, Jones' friend. "He has not yet shown any remorse whatsoever, other than remorse at being caught. He has not by any means shown that he was sorry that he did what he did."

Poe has been out on bond. He has not spoken to the media, and neither have members of his family.