Court hears appeal for convicted coach

HOUSTON The oral arguments took place at 1:30pm. The defense and the prosecution had 30 minutes each to make their case as to David Temple's guilt or innocence.

In 1999, Belinda Temple was pregnant when she was shot and killed in her own home. At the time, her family members believed it was her husband David who was the perpetrator. He said otherwise. It took several years before charges were brought forth. David Temple was convicted of murder in 2007.

Ever since then David's attorneys have worked diligently to say an innocent man was convicted. Earlier today, I spoke with defense attorney Dick DeGuerin and he maintained that David Temple was an innocent man sent to prison on emotion and not based on any evidence. DeGuerin said he will argue those points today in front of the 14th Court of Appeals.

Attorneys are typically only given 15 minutes for each side, but due to the complexity of this case, the time for attorneys has been extended to 30 minutes apiece.

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