Military moms and wives' mission hits roadblock

January 11, 2010 9:06:44 PM PST
A local group of military moms and wives who are doing their part to support our servicemen and women are facing a crisis. Their mission to boost troop morale has hit a major roadblock. At the Angleton headquarters for the Military Moms & Wives of Brazoria County.

"The volunteer work that we do comes from my heart, all of our hearts," Mary Moreno said.

Moreno and her army of volunteers work tirelessly to boost the morale of our servicemen and women fighting two wars overseas.

"When we do our boxes, we put our boxes together with love," said Moreno.

Beatrice Gerard-French remembers the stories her son, Adam, a U.S. Marine reservist, would tell her whenever he received one of her care packages.

"He said he'd have to fight the guys off so he could a chance to open the box, look through it and say, 'Let me go ahead and get what I want first,' then he'd say, 'Here go ahead and take the leftovers,'" said Gerard-French.

Yet this mission, that for eight years has been a source of comfort and joy to our soldiers, is now in jeopardy of folding because the price of postage has gone up again, this time by 50 cents.

Last year, the group sent out 4,000 care packages which cost roughly $40,000 in postage. Because of the increase, to send out the same number of packages this year, it'll cost over $50,000.

"Maybe we need to go to Washington and pass a bill or something," said Moreno.

While Military Moms & Wives of Brazoria County is a 501.c3 nonprofit, the U.S. Postal Service doesn't recognize that. Volunteers say while they understand the economy is putting the squeeze on the postal service, they're just looking for a break, not a freebie.

"Help us get these care packages to these men and women," Moreno said.

Moreno is encouraging those who support the efforts here to write their congressmen.

"They're fighting for us, fighting for our freedom," said Gerard-French.

Volunteers tell us they hope to send out their next shipment of care packages next month and then again over the summer.