Family's home destroyed by fire

January 9, 2010 9:12:55 PM PST
An apartment fire burned several units, leaving many people trying to cleanup in this cold weather. One family says a space heater they were using trying to keep warm may have started it. The flames then spread off of Gessner and Bellaire in southwest Houston. With water covering practically every inch of their townhouse, the Vus are in a frantic race against time. They're busy trying to salvage what's left after flames ripped through their home Saturday afternoon. With temperatures expected to dip well below freezing, the concern is all the water will turn to ice.

"We lost everything," Ngoc Vu said.

It's been so cold, the Vu family has been using their electric space heater. Ngoc says she went upstairs because her sister said she smelled gas.

Ngoc recalled, "The next thing you know, I heard something leaking and the whole room started getting black."

As investigators begin looking into what caused the fire, the Vus know they can't stay here because it's just too dangerous They may have been burned out of their home, but this family is banding together and counting their blessings. They're thankful no one in their family was hurt.

Tram Vu said, "You know, things get destroyed that we can be without. You know, it's not happy if somebody is missing so I'm glad all my family is here."

As difficult as it may be to face what lies ahead, at least the Vus are able to do it together as a family.