Is arrest connected to bizarre glue attacks?

January 6, 2010 12:29:17 PM PST
There are new developments in the bizarre case of a man who was attacking women in the Houston area with super glue. An arrest was made all the way in Oregon. The man under arrest in Portland, Oregon, is 22-year-old Jared Weston Walter. Law enforcement says he's the same man who committed some bizarre crimes here in the Houston area.

The crimes in the Pasadena area were again female victims. One as young as 12 years old had Super Glue, or a glue-like substance, put in her hair. We showed you surveillance video of the suspect, but he was never caught.

And now in Portland, a man was recently arrested for cutting women's hair as they rode the city bus system in several cases dating back to November. Authorities think it's the same man - Jared Walter. One woman told her story to a Portland reporter, but didn't want to be identified.

"When I got off, I touched my hair and I felt like it was shorter and like my sister picked me up and I told her like 'I think this guy just cut my hair,'" said the victim.

Walter faces two felony counts of robbery and one count of interfering with public transportation. He's also a person of interest in some break-ins in his neighborhood.

He's still behind bars and likely faces more charges.