Is one diet meal plan better than the others?

January 4, 2010 3:45:30 PM PST
If eating healthy is your new year's resolution, you may be considering a diet plan like Weight Watchers or a similar program. If you want to lose weight, you know many businesses are offering up incentives. Locally, there are new healthy eateries popping up everywhere like My Fit Foods, while the national businesses, like Jenny Craig, are hugely popular. But the cost of dieting may scare some people off. We went shopping to find out how much it actually costs to diet.

Loretta Herpin is a florist always on the go.

"I am up at four in the morning," she said. "I run until I stop and a lot of times, I don't eat all day long."

That's when she discovered My Fit Foods.

"It's basically healthy, fresh prepared meals to go," said Sierra Gunn with My Fit Foods. "We have breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have snacks and it's all portioned for you."

If you are wondering about the variety, turkey pasta, chili and lemon turkey are some of the most popular choices.

"It's good," said Herpin. "It tastes like anything I would cook at the house."

And Herpin is starting to notice a difference in her waistline.

As far as price, meals at My Fit Foods range in price from $4.25 up to $11.25 for large meals. For first time clients, My Fit Foods is offering ten percent off your first order. However, if you want to commit to the program for three weeks, you get an additional discount depending on how much you pay up front.

"I was surprised that it was cheap," said Herpin. "It was good food at a good price."

At Tru Meals, the business works the same way. They offer ready-to-go, portion-control healthy meals. Prices range from $3.25 for breakfast up to $11.95 for a medium scallops meal. You can also enjoy a salmon omelet for breakfast or Lebanese chicken with hummus for lunch.

Like My Fit Foods, if you buy in bulk, you save more money.

"We do have the 25-day Commit to be Fit plan, which is where you prepay and you get 15 percent off all your meals," said Jill Lock with Tru Meals.

If you'd rather try a national program, you may consider Jenny Craig. It's a program that helps clients adopt healthy eating and exercise habits. If you join now, you can try to lose 20 pounds for $20 plus the cost of food, which can be as much as $124 a week. On the other hand, the Weight Watchers diet is based on portion control and involves weekly support meetings. Right now, you can sign up for free but you still have to pay for the meetings, which are $13 a week.

As far as results, they vary like any other program. It depends on how devoted you are to following a diet. The bottom line is you have to choose a program that will work for your lifestyle. In the long run, it is cheaper to cook and prepare your own healthy meals.