Brawl breaks out at restaurant in Stafford

STAFFORD, TX The Fuddruckers restaurant on Fountain Lake at the Southwest Freeway is back open for business as Stafford police continue to sort out the details. They say what happened there is the worst act of violence they've seen in about two years.

While the front door of the Fuddruckers restaurant is still boarded up, the scene is a stark contrast to the mayhem that erupted inside late Thursday night. A group of teens got into a fight, threw chairs and smashed the front glass door. Customers say they also heard gunshots. While police initially did not find any bullet casings or bullet holes, late Thursday morning someone else did, about 50 feet away from the restaurant.

Bill Wooten, manager of nearby Chair King Furniture, said, "It's a little scary. It's a little scary."

It was one of Wooten's employees who made the discovery.

Tod Sorensen explained, "I was just out here having a cigarette and found the bullet hole."

Wooten called Stafford police who have since tagged the bullet as evidence. Of the four teens and one adult detained by authorities Thursday night, none are believed to be the shooter in what investigators are calling a gang-related incident.

"Some people did run from the scene," said Detective Raphael Virata with the Stafford Police Department. "We're looking out for those type of people or people who ran from the scene."

Fuddruckers released a statement to Eyewitness News.

    Fuddruckers Director of Operations Kevin Creekmore: "A fight broke out and our managers did a good job preserving the safety of our employees and guests. Police responded quickly and we are thankful for their quick actions."

Police tell us they are still interviewing witnesses. Five people were arrested.

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