Technology can show where crime happens

HOUSTON From neighborhoods to parking lots crime can happen anywhere, and anytime.

"Yeah we like to know what's going on around us," said Officer Cory Beyer of the League City Police Department.

Technology in League City is giving residents a new kind of defense.

"There's a difference between saying a vehicle burglary occurred in League City or knowing one occurred on your block," Officer Beyer said.

He specializes in crime analysis for League City police. The city's crime data is now on the website

"It's constantly being updated with new reports as they are being taken by the officers," Beyer said.

It also includes surrounding cities like Friendswood and Deer Park.

You can track crime in your neighborhood, even down to your street. If you lived here on Diamond Bay Drive you would find there was an assault on December 23. On that same day a laptop, computer bag and iPhone were stolen from a car on Farnworth Circle.

On December 24 on Bailey Brook Lane a blow-up Christmas decoration was taken. And an attempted assault on December 27 at South Shore Blvd. where a suspect threw a can of Mountain Dew at a jogger.

You can take the technology with you anywhere.

"It has the same functionality and features, except it's in the palm of your hand," said Beyer.

An iPhone application can be downloaded for free.

"Wow, good to know. Then you know what's going on in the neighborhoods and stuff," said resident Becky Eldridge.

Even registered sex offenders can be tracked on the go.

"Oh yeah, I would use it also, especially because we have children," said resident Cindy Guillen.

Technology is also helping officers on the streets analyze crime trends more quickly, and arming the residents with more information.

"You want to be safe in your area and make sure your children are safe," said resident Joe Guillen.

It just might be enough to discourage the bad guys from coming to your street.

While the system is nationwide, local police departments must be willing to participate. League City believes it is the first department in the Houston area to go online with the program.

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