Victimized single mother helped by good Samaritan

HOUSTON A good Samaritan is helping a woman who was victimized by a man claiming to work for the City of Houston. That man got away with several hundred dollars.

Eyewitness News broke the story Wednesday night and we have a Christmas Eve surprise.

On Wednesday, a single mom was robbed in front of her children in her own home. One day later, the generosity of one man left her in tears as Christmas Eve brought an unexpected surprise to the Brass family.

Marvin McMurrey had never met Laquisia Brass or her three children.

"I wanted to give you $400 stolen from you," said McMurrey.

In fact, the first time he saw her was in our story on Eyewitness News at 10pm last night.

"You work two jobs and I know you've had a hard time," McMurrey said.

On Wednesday morning, Brass opened her door to a man she thought was a City of Houston worker who claimed her water might be contaminated. A few minutes after he entered her home he pulled a gun and demanded cash, even pointing the gun at her children.

"When he stuck the gun to my head, I said, 'Just let me and my kids make it I will give you anything you want,'" said Brass.

So she gave the thief $400, the last of her Christmas money. On Thursday, a Good Samaritan gave her the same amount.

"I really want you to have a Merry Christmas," said McMurrey.

While we were at Brass's home with McMurrey, there was another knock at the door and another Christmas Eve surprise. Someone else was dropping off some Christmas money. He told us he did not want to be on TV so the only thing we'll reveal to you about this secret elf is he's a Houston police officer.

Brass already knows how she'll spend some of this money for her children.

"Yes I'm going to get their food for tomorrow. Yes I am," said Brass.

While the single mother of three is still shaken by the gunpoint robbery, her Christmas was just made a little merrier.

"Wonderful, wonderful, it really put me back in the spirit again," Brass said.

McMurrey concurred.

"It's a very touching situation to help someone and see the joy in their face. It just completes my Christmas," he said.

So far no arrests have been made. Investigators are still searching for the suspect. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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