41 children adopted in large ceremony

HOUSTON It was Christmas Adoption Day in Harris County. It's a happy ending for children whose lives to this point have been tumultuous, to say the least.

What happens in family court so rarely is something to smile about, but days like Tuesday make up for that.

"When I got them, I was like, I'm never, ever letting them go again," said adoptive parent Lillie Green.

On Tuesday, 41 foster children were adopted to 25 families.

"When you think about Christmas being all about the gift of a child and you think about what these children are bringing to these families and the new beginning of the new year and the promise and the hope, it's just an overwhelming, heartwarming experience today," said Christmas Adoption Day organizer Terri Jaggers.

Among the kids were eight children all being adopted by their maternal grandmother, eight kids aged three to 17. The youngest is a special needs child.

"What it means to me is keeping them together as a family. That's my goal, is to raise them as a sibling group. I did not want them to be separated in any kind of way," said adoptive parent Linda Curry.

Child Protective Services took the children from their mother in 2006 after a number of issues, not the least of which was her leaving them all for several hours in her home alone.

Linda Curry was worried that if she didn't step in, the kids might not ever really get a good home life.

"I want them to grow up to be responsible people. I want them to grow up to be lawyers, doctors, maybe new media," said Curry.

Right now though, one of the kids says her greatest concern is how Santa Claus might find their new permanent address.

"I don't know. He just knows," said the child.

The greatest gift though, for them and all the other children who were adopted Tuesday, is that they already have a new forever home and a loving family there.

Among the CPS children waiting for adoption, an overwhelming 72 percent are part of a sibling group. In case you're wondering about the need, 973 CPS children were adopted last year just in the greater Houston area.

For more information, you can visit www.adoptchildren.org or call CPS at 800-233-3405.

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