Apparent dispute ends in fatal shooting

PASADENA, TX Investigators say it was part of an ongoing dispute. Right now, people in the neighborhood can't believe what happened.

The shooting started around 9:30pm Saturday on Bland near El Jardin in Pasadena. Family members tell Eyewitness News that the incident stems from an argument over a tire.

Police arrested Tanya Schmidt, 32, Saturday night. She's accused of shooting her two neighbors, identified by family members as Laura and Tommy Hinson, along with her own husband. Laura was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Family members say the argument began when Schmidt's husband accused the neighbors of slashing his tire. Neighbors say the two couples have had a long standing feud, made worse when Hinson's children were taken from their home by CPS.

Police believe that amid the melee, Schmidt may have accidentally shot her own husband. Neighbors can't believe what they heard.

"I was in the house and I heard it happen at the time and it's just an unbelievable kind of a situation," said neighbor Curtis Shaw. "I know both neighbors and you never think anything would come to that."

Both her husband, along with the other victim remains hospitalized and they are listed as stable. Schmidt is charged with murder and her bond was set at $80,000.

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