Fire strikes home in NW Houston

HOUSTON Firefighters were slowed down by the home's burglar bars. The fire started Wednesday afternoon on Candlecrest and Marcella. SkyEye HD was over the scene as flames poured from a kitchen window near the driveway.

As firefighters arrived on the scene, their plan of attack was slowed by burglar bars outfitted on nearly every window and the front door.

"That does tie up one of our crews strictly working on gaining access. so yea it's a little bit of a hamper to us," said District 31 Chief Kevin Carly.

Firefighters said it appears the blaze broke out in the kitchen, possibly the oven. The homeowners escaped unscathed. Their belongings and home, however, suffered serious damage.

Though firefighters are not sure, some damage to the home could have been spared without the burglar bars.

"For one getting access to the house, but also if we have any firefighters inside that run into trouble, having a safe exit for them. So, yea, anytime there are burglar bars, it's a concern for the fire department," said Chief Carly.

Due to the large amount of damage, arson is investigating. Chief Carly told us if you must install burglar bars, then opt for the models with an easy exit feature.

Burglar bars can be deadly in fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, each year in the U.S., there are about 20 fire-related deaths involving burglar bars.

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