Burglars snatch dozens of guns

HOUSTON Sheriff's deputies arrived at the store shortly after the alarm sounded early Monday morning. They found broken glass everywhere and a large number of guns missing.

The owner of Shooter's Station Danny Benois says he got the call his alarm was going off early Monday morning.

"What they had done is, they cut the front door, the metal, and broke the glass and came inside the store," he explained.

Benois estimates it would have taken about 30 minutes to cut through the lock and gate at his front door. The cases were smashed and dozens of guns gone.

"Last night being foggy and we're sitting about 200 feet off the road," Benois said.

Employees are taking inventory but sheriff's deputies estimate at least 50 guns are gone.

Lt. Dan Norris with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department explained, "Any time you have that type of weapons stolen from a business and possibly put into the community, it's a concern not only for the Montgomery County Sheriff's office, but surrounding police agencies and surrounding communities as well."

Benois says in 11 years of business he's never seen anything like this. But he believes the thieves knew what exactly what they were after.

"They went for the more popular guns, because I'm thinking they're probably going to try to resell them," Benois said.

Sheriff's deputies are looking over surveillance video from inside the store. They are not releasing an official number of suspects.

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