Website wants to be your personal shopper

HOUSTON Online shopper Salima Virani said, "I have probably saved hundreds of dollars."

Virani has a passion for fashion so when she discovered the website called, her trips to the malls became less frequent.

"It's like looking through a magazine," she explained. "You get to see different styles and trends and if you like something you can click on it and buy it." is a site devoted to finding sale items and alerting its members when items go on sale. It's the reason why Virani has found some fabulous deals. She got a designer dress that retails for $140 for just $60. She paid just $9.99 for an Arden B top that was originally $59.

"I saw a Diane Von Furstenberg dress that retails for $400," Virani said. "They have it on sale right now for $135, which is unbelievable."

From high end designers like Robert Rodriguez to retailers like the Banana Republic and Forever 21, Virani says there is something for everyone.

"It is one stop shopping for great deals," she said.

Here's how the site works. First, set up your free account. Then select your favorite apparel brands and sizes. Like a travel website, will scour the websites of retailers then the website will send you a daily or weekly email of which items go on sale in your size.

Virani says the key to getting in on the deals that you really want is to be as specific as possible on your preferences page.

"Click on what you want and what you wear," she suggested. "If you don't wear skirts, don't click on skirts."

In addition the website will also give you coupon codes to use when you check out. Virani says the site has saved her so much money, it's almost the only way she shops!

She said, "It's not being cheap, it's being smart."

As far as shipping, you have to pay for that but many times coupon codes will give you free shipping. If you have returns, most stores will let you return an item back to the store. So if you bought some shoes from, you can return them to the physical store.

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