Another officer fired in wake of inmate escape

AUSTIN, TX Monte S. Henson, Lieutenant of Correctional Officers at the Estelle Unit, has been recommended for dismissal following the escape of Arcade Comeaux, Jr. Henson was recommended for dismissal during the course of a disciplinary hearing today for failure to follow policy and procedures. According to Michelle Lyons, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Henson failed to properly supervise the application of restraints on Comeaux prior to Comeaux being placed in the transport vehicle from which he later escaped.

Henson has been employed with TDCJ for 60 months.

Another guard was fired this week for reckless endangerment related to the escape. Transportation officers Lance Waldo and Matthew Smith provided notice of their retirement effective immediately rather than face disciplinary action.

The agency continues to investigate the issues surrounding the Comeaux escape and will take administrative actions against additional employees as deemed necessary.

Comeaux, who was in a wheelchair, overpowered two guards and forced them to drive to the Baytown area, where he ran away. Comeaux was captured Monday in Houston.

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