City proclaims Sheriff Adrian Garcia Day

HOUSTON According to the proclamation, presented Thursday by Council Member Edward Gonzalez, Sheriff Garcia "is maintaining a pivotal role in helping ensure the success of Crime Stoppers. Cooperation as both the sheriff and as a concerned citizen has greatly assisted not only the organization, but also the countless number of people Crime Stoppers helps."

The presentation was made at a news conference announcing Sheriff Garcia's allocation of half a million dollars of seized funds to Crime Stoppers. The money will be used to further Crime Stoppers' mission to solve and prevent crime in the Greater Houston Area.

"We're doing some big-time recycling today. My payment to Crime Stoppers is being made with assets seized from criminals. Their ill-gotten gains will be used to catch other criminals just like them. We're recycling crime money," Sheriff Garcia said.

Through October of this year, tips to Crime Stoppers helped arrest 673 suspected felons in the Houston area, including nine capital murder suspects.

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