TSU's probation worries students

HOUSTON Texas Southern has had a rough financial go of it for much of the last five years. And try as it does to move on, another six months of probation does not help. Though the school is playing it down, students say it matters.

"It does, because it makes me think about my future and if I have to change schools or not," said TSU student Nikki Anderson.

TSU student Shannon Colquitt explained, "If I'm going to class and it ends up meaning nothing, then that becomes a problem."

The school would not talk about the probation on camera, but did issue a statement which read in part:

    "Although Texas Southern University continues to be a fully accredited institution... We are disappointed by a decision ... to continue monitoring TSU by placing it on probation for six months. We believe the decision was based on ... procedural requirements rather than any new concerns about the school."
The accrediting agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, says TSU did not provide proper accounting of its financing and financial aid program. But there are no new issues and to this point the school is still accredited. Its students are eligible for financial aid, though students worry that the school's reputation is what's really in jeopardy.

"It kind of does because people look down on TSU when we're really just not a bad school," said TSU student Jenaye Robinson. "We can do better. So once we get off of probation I guess we can prove them wrong."

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools says it will again review TSU's accreditation in June 2010.

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